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iNexplicable iPod iDiocy

Apple’s design prowess is legendary … except when it’s notorious. There are a host of ridiculous usability problems in Apple products, but at the moment I am playing some songs on the iPod and frustrated by these facts: The name … Continue reading

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Waning Gibbous After Thanksgiving

After a great, but hectic, holiday, I spent a little while today looking at the moon and doing a new harmonitronica piece, “Waning Gibbous.” It’s one of those that began with one idea and mutated completely into at least two … Continue reading

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I’m baaaaack….

Yes, I’m wrapping up one of the longest (and most rewarding) (and most frustrating) jobs I’ve ever done, and looking forward to a summer and fall of music. (And other things, as well, but more about that later.) Remember harmonitronica? … Continue reading

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A Weekend Spent FAWMing at the Mouth

Over the weekend I wrote, recorded and posted six songs in two days, to finish February with fifteen new songs. Three of them are not “harmonitronica,” but I do have an even dozen of those, plus a few that I … Continue reading

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Mobile Music

My eighth song for FAWM is “Interstate (A Mobile Tribute to Ralf und Florian),” which was created entirely on handheld devices, and recorded in the car driving home from upstate this past weekend. Don’t worry, I wasn’t doing anything stupid. … Continue reading

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“Now Yoko’s gonna do her thing, all over you.”

Thanks to rosiebird, who wonderfully let me know that it was happening, but then sadly had to work and could not come, I saw Yoko Ono at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music last night, with mary_wroth. I don’t even have … Continue reading

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Finally, a February snow song

On Wednesday I posted my fifth song for February Album Writing Month, “People Will Not Realize the Peril.” I started every previous FAWM (hard to believe this is my fourth!) with a song about snow. The first year was “Song … Continue reading

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That Hopey Changey Stuff

I woke up this morning to a news report about Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party convention. And I heard the sound of jackboots. So my fourth FAWM song is “I Am So Proud To Be An American (That … Continue reading

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Brian, June, Johnny, Bill Monroe, and Me

If you know me, you know that my musical taste is pathologically eclectic. Today, I’m listening to June Carter Cash and Will the Circle Be Unbroken and things like that. Yesterday I was listening to Brian Eno and John Cale. … Continue reading

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I listened again. It still sucks.

I’ve been told that I am over-reacting to the Dylan album and not giving it a break. So I gave it another listen today, and watched the video (“Must Be Santa“) rubytramp linked to. Yes, it’s fun, and I liked … Continue reading

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