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What Red States?

I think the red-state blue-state view of the country is overly simplistic, but nonetheless this map from the Daily Kos is amusing.

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Yes, I’m still a writer…

Back in the spring, I collaborated on a pair of brief articles with Barry Bealer, CEO of Really Strategies, a content-management consultancy, about standards and how they’re used in the real world. (Standards in this instance meaning markup languages for … Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla and the Sparks From Mars

David Bowie to play Nikola Tesla in The Prestige, a new film by Christopher Nolan.

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I Can’t Do It

The nasty leer of Rudy Giuliani on a campaign mailing finally decided me: I cannot vote for Mike Bloomberg. Yes, he’s done a good job as mayor, certainly a better job than Ghouliani. But you must, to some extent, be … Continue reading

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