I’m baaaaack….

Yes, I’m wrapping up one of the longest (and most rewarding) (and most frustrating) jobs I’ve ever done, and looking forward to a summer and fall of music. (And other things, as well, but more about that later.)

Remember harmonitronica? I haven’t forgotten about it, and in fact, played it live for Yael Shtainer’s MEta dance performance earlier this summer. I’m doing a lot more experiments with it, and starting to incorporate some other toys I’ve been acquiring — various sequencers and synths.

You can hear the latest updates on my 50/90 Challenge page. 50/90 is a songwriter challenge like February Album Writing Month, with the idea being to write 50 songs between July 1 and October 1. I’m starting halfway through, and have no intention of writing 50 songs, but it’s fun to have others listen to this work, plus, several friends are doing it and now that I have time I’d like to keep up with their work as well.

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