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I’m baaaaack….

Yes, I’m wrapping up one of the longest (and most rewarding) (and most frustrating) jobs I’ve ever done, and looking forward to a summer and fall of music. (And other things, as well, but more about that later.) Remember harmonitronica? … Continue reading

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Finally, a February snow song

On Wednesday I posted my fifth song for February Album Writing Month, “People Will Not Realize the Peril.” I started every previous FAWM (hard to believe this is my fourth!) with a song about snow. The first year was “Song … Continue reading

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That Hopey Changey Stuff

I woke up this morning to a news report about Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party convention. And I heard the sound of jackboots. So my fourth FAWM song is “I Am So Proud To Be An American (That … Continue reading

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February Harmonitronica

Introducing … harmonitronica. As some of you may remember, I was experimenting with some electronica approaches last year, and I’ll be going much farther in that direction this year. I started writing this song and programming the drum loop last … Continue reading

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Some shows coming up

I have two shows coming up with Fresh Baked, one on December 7 at the Parkside, and the third Auld Lang Twang show at the Living Room on New Year’s Eve. You can also catch me every Sunday afternoon at … Continue reading

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