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The Times reported this morning on the U.S. government’s efforts to resist the spread of international folksinging, saying that the deportation of the former Cat Stevens has pissed off the British government, with foreign minister Jack Straw protesting to Colin … Continue reading

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A Long Way From Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor has a incendiary column at In These Times. It’s an excerpt from his new book: Government of Enron and by Halliburton and for the Southern Baptists is not the same as what Lincoln spoke of. This gang of … Continue reading

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Can I Have Your Seat?

What would you do if a young and apparently healthy person asked you this on the train?

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Album != LP

In the last few weeks, I’ve been corrected several times for using the word “album” to refer to a CD. I’ve been told the usage is outdated and/or inaccurate. So given the chance to do some “obsessive research” as well … Continue reading

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Protected: Staggering Banality

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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September Shows

Email announcement to come, but I’ll be doing another show with Mike Skliar and Tom Ricciuti at the Orange Bear on Saturday, September 18, at 9pm. The usual collection of political songs, especially given that it’s election season. (“Welcome To … Continue reading

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GMail anyone?

I have several GMail invitations, if anyone wants one.

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Straight from the horse’s mouth (well, almost)

I’ve had a quote in the Quote Server for years, attributed to Louis Armstrong: “All music is folk music. Horses don’t sing.” But recently someone on the folk music list questioned whether Big Bill Broonzy had said it first.

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Now that Dennis Hastert thinks it’s a cool place to go, isn’t it time that all decent New Yorkers gave up on McSorley’s? Between the lines, the crowds, and the drunken tourists, it’s certainly no longer the Wonderful Saloon of … Continue reading

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Truck Vs. Truck.

Sighted five minutes apart, circling Union Square:

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