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Waning Gibbous After Thanksgiving

After a great, but hectic, holiday, I spent a little while today looking at the moon and doing a new harmonitronica piece, “Waning Gibbous.” It’s one of those that began with one idea and mutated completely into at least two … Continue reading

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Bloomberg CEO Appointment At Risk

The confirmation of Marvin Thistlebottom as Bloomberg, LP’s new CEO appears in danger, after the corporation’s board expressed near-universal opposition to the pick. “Thistlebottom is obviously an expert English teacher, but will that expertise translate into running an international corporation?” … Continue reading

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Improv Friday

Yesterday, I made my first contribution to ImprovFriday, an online live-improvisation event that happens every weekend. It’s a harmonitronica piece called “Never Enough Time,” which doesn’t actually feature any harmonica until about a minute into the piece. It began completely … Continue reading

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Halloween Harmonitronica

I have a few new harmonitronica pieces online, all created with some new equipment I’m testing out. I’ll write more about this separately, but I have outgrown (or rather, my music has outgrown) the basic delay pedals I’ve been using. … Continue reading

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