“Next Saturday”

Because careless language nearly led to a serious scheduling snafu, I’m curious to see how people understand the phrase “next Saturday.” Let’s say it’s Wednesday, February 9th, and I tell you that we are going to do something “Next Saturday.” What date do you understand me to mean?

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  1. rubytramp says:

    To me ‘next’ means the 19th, ‘this’ means the 12th. But you’re right – asking is the best way to go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “next Saturday”

    My immediate response would be Sat, 2/19, but then experience has taught me I’d better ask to be sure. However, the Random House unabridged defines “next” to be (1) immediately following in time, order, or importance. (2) nearest in place or position (3) on the first occasion to follow. All of which indicates to me that Sat 2/12 is “next Saturday” from Wed, 2/9.

    • pandora1 says:

      Re: “next Saturday”

      I think the definition still makes it 2/19, because next is referring to Saturdays only. So according to number 1, immediately following in time the nearest saturday. #3 The first occasion (in this case a Saturday) to follow the current Saturday.

  3. What matters is common usage, and people are sloppy about it.

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