First February Song: “The Sun Shines On St. John’s”

It’s February, which means it’s February Album Writing Month again. FAWM is a community project in which thousands of musicians around the world try to write 14 songs in 28 days.

This is my third time doing it, and so far every year has started with a song about a snowstorm in which I take a look at where things are in my life. Two years ago I started off with “Song For a Snowy Sunday Night,” and last year my first song was “Saturday Night Snowing Hard,” a somewhat more optimistic song inspired by a stormy night driving in rural New York and Pennsylvania. This year’s song, “The Sun Shines On St. John’s,” is positively happy. I just got back from ten days in Newfoundland, and the trip was wonderful on multiple levels.

Many of the things mentioned in the song have shown up in my Flickr stream: Velma’s, where we had fish and chips on a snowy day; the snowbanks up above my head; Portugal Cove; the ice along the road; the sunset; and of course the sun shining on St. John’s.

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