Too Much Chocolate

Photo_031008_001.jpgI’m in Hershey, PA, for a conference, and am astonished to find that there is a such thing as Too Much Chocolate. You smell it everywhere. The streetlights are shaped like Hershey’s Kisses. You get a chocolate bar when you check in. More Kisses on the room-number plaques. And the wallpaper (see photo). I think it would be dangerous to bring M&Ms to this town….

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7 Responses to Too Much Chocolate

  1. How did you get there? Did you drive? How long did it take? Joe really wants to go, we were thinking maybe this summer….. I remember the street-lamp chocolates, I have very fond memories of those.

  2. I can imagine too much chocolate, because I too remember visiting Hershey, and driving home with a load of chocolate, which proceeded to melt in the sun on the back dashboard. I can vividly recall that smell being particularly sickening after the weekend of chocolate overload.

  3. penelopexxx says:

    chocolate is SOO my weakness…………..

  4. 1urecognize says:

    I don’t believe the state of Too Much Chocolate exists, but this sounds perilously close. Now if it were really good chocolate… say, a whole town of Ghirardelli or Scharfen Barger… we’d be talkin’. But Hershey’s? eh.

    Sounds like WDW — ‘hidden Mickeys’ in the room furnishings (curtains, bedspread, etc.) and yes, one gets sick of Wally World eventually too.

    Disclaimer: I’ve never actually been to Hershey’s. Bummer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I grew up in Hershey! Drop me a line if you are still there and want any tips.

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