The scientist versus the creationists

’55 ‘Origin of Life’ Paper Is Retracted

Homer Jacobson taught my first-semester progamming course at Brooklyn College in 1983 — for which I wrote PL/I on punch cards and waited as long as 45 minutes for my jobs to run on an IBM System 360 — and I’ve never forgotten the wit and elegance he brought to teaching outside his subject. And 25 years later, here he is, standing up to the creationists and showing the essential difference between science and religion: science admits when it’s wrong.

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  1. Best parts?

    “It is not unusual for scientists to publish papers and, if they discover evidence that challenges them, to announce they were wrong. The idea that all scientific knowledge is provisional, able to be challenged and overturned, is one thing that separates matters of science from matters of faith.”

    “His letter shows, Ms. Reid wrote, “the distinction between a scientist who cannot let error stand, no matter the embarrassment of public correction,” and people who “cling to dogma.””

    That reminds me, I need to blog about my fight in Los Alamos with people who believe in intelligent design….

  2. parisgarters says:

    I think that’s a fairly blanket statement. Religion admits when it’s wrong, just maybe not as often as it should.

    But you knew I’d say that 😉

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