Surprise: Rudy Sells Out NYC

So the Daily News just now noticed that Ghouliani has absolutely no principles? After everything that creep perpetrated in this city, it takes a baseball game to wake them up? But at least they provided a spiffy new userpic with yesterday’s front page.

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9 Responses to Surprise: Rudy Sells Out NYC

  1. kibbles says:

    When it comes to Rudy, a lot of New Yorkers can’t be rational.

    I remember going to the Irish Fair down in Coney Island, right after that Brooklyn Museum Dung Virgin Mary scandal, and the people there announcing him on stage saying he was the best thing for Catholicism.

    He had his then-girlfriend with him at the time, and I don’t think his divorce was final.

  2. egretplume says:

    Red Sox Nation has a long and bitter memory; I don’t think he’s fooling anybody.
    Love the icon.

  3. harrietbrown says:

    I met him on the ferry and he gave me the creeps.

    • ken says:

      I don’t think I ever met him in person. I was probably at some of his press conferences when he was a prosecutor but never spoke to him one on one. What a slimy thug.

  4. penelopexxx says:

    that icon is fucken classic!!!! 😉

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