Friday Morning Downtown

I ended up delaying my trip to Toronto for a day, and did some errands downtown this morning on the bike. I did my usual two-bridge trip, taking the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and coming home over the Manhattan Bridge. A perfect day for a bike ride, and of course I took the camera and broke the law against taking photographs on/of NYC bridges.

City Hall
First I ran across the Save Coney Island demonstration marching up Park Row to City Hall.
City Hall

Mermaids need homes too!
City Hall Park
This gentleman was trying to find the security entrance so he could get to the steps of City Hall.
City Hall Park
But first he tried chatting up a woman walking through the park. She wasn’t interested.
City Hall Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Then I rode up through the Lower East Side to the Manhattan Bridge.
Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge

Q train heading into Manhattan.

The Brooklyn tower of the bridge. Note security camera taking a picture of me.

Baseball field on the Lower East Side.
And a closing note…
…written on the wall of Theatre Alley, just off Ann Street.
And a closing note...

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4 Responses to Friday Morning Downtown

  1. penelopexxx says:

    fucken awesome shots!! I like the Peters store one.. i used to go there on my lunch time in HS> I went to the HS around the block from there, Murry Bergtraum.. back in the day…

  2. narode says:

    Bike ride

    East River bridge photos are irresistible.
    What an aptly colorful crew of demonstrators to march on behalf of Astroland. Think they proceeded across the Brooklyn Bridge to arrive at City Hall?

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