2006 Books

I read 86 books in 2006, about the same number as last year, and thanks to LibraryThing, I can list them here. (I’ve now entered all the books I’ve read back to April, 1995 into LibraryThing, and I’m working backwards through the notebooks I’ve been keeping since September, 1979, of the books I’ve read.)

Borrowing an idea from fiveforsilver, I’ve made my book list into a poll. Under the cut, please check off those books you’ve read (anytime, not just in 2006).

FYI: The hyperlinks point to my book posts, which are largely filtered.

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  1. bobhowe says:

    That’s a lot of books. I have no idea how many I read last year, but I’d be willing to bet not a quarter of that number.

    • ken says:

      There were years in high school when I read more than 150 books, but I had less of a social life then and much more time. And they were very different books.

      Compared to the number of books in the world (or even to the number of books on my to-be-read shelf) it does not seem a very big number.

  2. meijhen says:

    So I think this has been asked before (not of you)…but how did you get the poll to display in one big long list, rather than in multiple smaller groups?

    I have tried tweaking the code in a way that I thought would do it, but it didn’t work, it still only displays the first 5 items.

    • ken says:

      Ah, so that’s why so many of these polls were broken up into sub-groups. I had no problem at all, but I assume that’s because I entered the code directly rather than using the poll creator. If you start using the poll creator, you can click “See code” after entering the first five questions or so, and you’ll see something like this:

      <lj-poll name=’2006 Books’ whovote=’all’ whoview=’all’>
      <lj-pq type=’check’>
      Please check the books you’ve read:
      <lj-pi>The God Delusion — Richard Dawkins</lj-pi>
      <lj-pi>Lisey’s Story — Stephen King</lj-pi>
      <lj-pi>From the Files Of the Time Rangers — Richard Bowes</lj-pi>
      <lj-pi><A HREF=”http://steelbrassnwood.livejournal.com/106873.html”>The King of Torts — John Grisham</A></lj-pi>

      (more books entered in the same format…)


      I entered 86 <lj-pi> elements and had no problem.

      PS – love you’re icon. 😉

  3. I clocked in at 58 for 2006 (including two half-finished as one) and I felt like I was reading like a fiend lots of the time. I want credit for taking periodical breaks!

    • ken says:

      You do get credit for that (when I was keeping the handwritten notebooks, I used to count periodicals as a “book” if I read them cover to cover, as I used to do with the SF magazines). You read a lot more magazines than I do, now that I don’t commute by subway. Although, I still read at least two and sometimes four newspapers every day. Anyway, just don’t count your NYRB reviews as having read the book! 🙂

  4. rosiebird says:

    i told julia about your book list dating some 20 yrs. she started a reading journal now.

  5. harrietbrown says:

    I’m curious about “What is the What.” I read a review in the NY Times Book Review. Is it worth a read?

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