Bluegrass Brunch This Sunday

I’ll be playing the Bluegrass Brunch at Nolita House this coming Sunday, January 7, with Fresh Baked. We start at 12.30 and go till about 3. Great food and the music’s not bad either.

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  1. trash80 says:

    Speaking of playing music, I’ve recently taken the big step I should have taken… oh about 5 or 6 years ago and I’ve bought myself an acoustic guitar. It just felt the right thing to do to go along with the harp. Could you recommend any good websites and places to start?

    A couple of people have suggested to me that I should learn just the basic chords first, before moving on to anything else. Any tips you can pass onto a beginner so that my practice sessions won’t be wasted?


    • ken says:

      Hey, great. I have no web sites to recommend; I got started by finding a good local teacher which I think is the best way to learn a new instrument. (I use web sites for learning new tunes on the harmonica, an instrument I already know well, but that’s a very different proposition.) I agree that learning simple chords is the best way to start, building up your strumming ability and learning the first position fingering. The first songs my teacher started us on were things like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Stand By Me” where the chord transitions are easy (C to Em to Am, things like that). Good luck!

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