The Jam In the Glass

Sunny’s, my favorite Red Hook bar, has been having art exhibits in the back room, the same spot where we play bluegrass on Saturday nights. A new exhibit just opened, which is really more of an installation: Glass discs, cast glass blocks full of clock parts, a beautiful grandfather clock made entirely of glass, and mirrors on the walls. It changes the space completely; Sunny’s is an old bar, all wood and earth tones and age and whiskey, but the installation is bright and shiny and cold (not in a bad way). It made for a different feel, playing in between endless reflections in the mirrors, which I tried to capture with my point&shoot. (I need a real digital camera.)

I’m also happy to say that I’ve got some gigs coming up. On Friday, the 15th, I’ll be playing on Staten Island with Caroline Cutroneo, and the following night, Saturday, I’ll be doing a few songs with the Y’All Stars at Banjo Jim’s, formerly known as 9C, in the East Village. The Y’All Stars are one of the best bands to have come out of the Brooklyn jam scene recently and I’m looking forward to seeing the show and more so to being part of some of it. And on Christmas Eve, I’ll be back at Nolita House with Fresh Baked for the bluegrass brunch. Details, as always, are on my site.

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    • ken says:

      I love it. It may be the oldest bar in NYC still run by the family that started it — Sunny’s grandfather or great-grandfather opened it in 1890 or so, and it’s been in operation ever since, although with some lean/bad times. It can be magical — you never know who will show up to play or who you’ll run into — and while it fills up with hipsters on Friday and Saturday nights, there are still enough bluegrass players and locals and old Italian guys to counterbalance them.

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