New England Road Trip

I spent most of this week on the road, visiting some of our New England papers in Massachussetts and New Hampshire. I drove just over a thousand miles, added two states to my visited-states list (New Hampshire and Maine), and had to take photos with my cell phone because I forgot the real camera at home.

It's a rock... It’s a rock…
On Monday night I drove up to Plymouth, Mass., and in the morning I went down to the waterfront to see where it all (allegedly) began. Plymouth Rock is not much to look at, being just … a rock.
Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock
But a rock in a very fancy house.
The Mayflower The Mayflower
Nearby is a reconstruction of the Mayflower, but it was closed for the season.
Old Tyme Photos Old Tyme Photos
As was the photo shop where the Pilgrims got their pictures developed.
Welcome to Portsmouth Welcome to Portsmouth
Tuesday afternoon I drove up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, my first time in that state.
Route 1 Route 1
I’d never been to Maine, either, so I kept going up to Kittery Point and Fort McClary, and then came back into New Hampshire on Route 1 (yes, that Route 1). It’s a long way from New Jersey, but here’s where Route 1 crosses the Piscataqua River from New Hampshire to Maine.
Fort McClary Fort McClary
Fort McClary is on Kittery Point in Maine, overlooking the Piscataqua River. This is the main blockhouse.
Magazine Magazine
The buildings where the shells were stored for the guns. This was a little spooky at sundown. The walls of the buildings are about four feet thick.
Powder Magazine Powder Magazine
Again, note the thick walls.
The Piscataqua The Piscataqua
From the grounds of the fort.
Portsmouth Harbor Portsmouth Harbor
From the bridge.
Portsmouth Portsmouth
Portsmouth has a pretty and vibrant downtown, with block after block of stores, many local, and including some good bookstores and music stores and more than one good local coffee shop.
Portsmouth, NH More Portsmouth
It’s a very old town, so there are plenty of narrow winding streets. Notice the used bookstore on the left.
Portsmouth Harbor Portsmouth Harbor
From Fort McClary

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