Good Music This Weekend

Another magical night at Sunny’s in Red Hook tonight, and some good musical news on top of it. I went down there early to rehearse a couple of songs for the Sheriff Sessions on Friday night. The good musical news is not just that I will be playing rather than just watching, but that I’ll be accompanying Kate Giampetruzzi, who with her husband Lou led the Kate and Lou Band until Lou’s death in July. Kate will return to performing on Friday night and that’s good news for everyone who loves great singing. I’m very honored to be joining her, along with Tone Johansen. We’re just going to do a couple of songs, some traditional gospel numbers, but they sound beautiful and I am very happy to be part of it.

The Sheriff Sessions is an American roots music festival featuring some of the best bluegrass, old-time and traditional country bands in the city. It’s held at the Baggot Inn in Greenwich Village, Friday and Saturday nights from 7 till midnight (with a jam following). This is the fourth year they’ve been held, and I played the previous three with the Kate and Lou Band. This year’s Sessions are dedicated to Lou’s spirit, so they will probably be even more special than usual. (Please note this is not really a gig promo, since I’m only doing a couple of songs. It’s just going to be a great night of music.)

Smokey HormelAs we were rehearsing, in came Smokey Hormel. You might not know his name but you almost certainly have his guitar work in your music collection. He’s played with everyone from Johnny Cash to Tom Waits to Beck, and on occasion he drops by Sunny’s and does a set of country and swing tunes. He’s a fluid, effortless player, with great rhythm and a very light touch, and he played a loose set with a couple of friends on bass and steel guitar and we sat in a booth and marveled at the things that can happen in a Red Hook bar.

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