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On Friday morning (the 16th), Prince is playing a free concert in Bryant Park. The night before, Maceo Parker opens Celebrate Brooklyn. Given that Maceo is one of Prince’s idols, and that Prince will be in the city that night, it might be worth heading to Prospect Park for a possible purple ‘pearance. And even if he doesn’t show up, Maceo will undoubtedly put on a kickass show. I’ll be out of town, otherwise I’d be there for sure.

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  1. shunn says:

    Great subject line. Awful work deadlines will no doubt preclude me from seeing Maceo, but will likely help me at least pass near Bryant Park nice-n-early, being that that’s my new morning subway stop….

  2. My cousin Fabio in Milano will be so jealous. Every other word out of his mouth was how much he loves Prince.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, did it happen?

    We left the Maceo concert (which was AWESOME) right before the encore, to avoid the insane foot traffic that was bound to occur. At about 8th ave, on our walk home, some waiter at Dizzy’s told us that Prince came on stage. The crowd was roaring. Then I came home and found this entry on your blog. I want to shoot myself for being such an idiot an dleaving early!! I’ve never been so depressed.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me if Prince was actually at CB so that I can move on with my life? And if he was on stage, can someone else please tell me how I can live with myself??


    • ken says:

      Re: Well, did it happen?

      I feel just as bad — if it did happen (and someone else wrote me that it did) then Prince played four blocks from my house last night and I’m elsewhere on a work trip. 🙁

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Well, did it happen?

        he most definitely played. it was amazing. sorry you missed it 🙁

        • ken says:

          Re: Well, did it happen?

          I know he did — see link above. I’m sorry too! But I did get to see him from the front row at MSG on the Musicology tour, so I’m not crying TOO much.

          • shunn says:

            Re: Well, did it happen?

            Good point. I’m consoling myself with that also, given that he played a free concert this morning AT MY SUBWAY STOP.

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