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Racefail??? Are you kidding???

I am peripherally associated with the science fiction community and have been most of my life. As a teenage I was a typical “fan,” going to conventions and subscribing to the magazines and idolizing people like Isaac Asimov and Robert … Continue reading

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Madman On Mars

Ray Bradbury’s thoroughly loopy column for the Journal today didn’t exactly increase my ever-dwindling interest in manned spaceflight. But it does raise the question of whether Kim Jong Il is taking down all his pictures because he’s planning a trip … Continue reading

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The Time When Reason Triumphed Over Unreason

Having just finished Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, Confusion, and The System Of the World), I finally picked up James Gleick’s biography of Isaac Newton.

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It’s the possessive, stupid!

Can someone explain to me how a glaring grammatical error — “there was nothing where it’s face should be” — makes its way from a professional writer with a dozen published novels, to one of the biggest SF magazines in … Continue reading

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