Vermont: Not Quite “Landlocked”

Am I missing something? I’ve been to Underhill, Vt. It’s less than an hour from Burlington. Which has a gorgeous waterfront on Lake Champlain. Into which the St. Lawrence River flows. From the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont may qualify as “landlocked,” depending how you define the word, but you most certainly can get there by boat, and Captain Phillips could very well own a boat where he lives.

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3 Responses to Vermont: Not Quite “Landlocked”

  1. I’ll leave it to X to answer, he knows a lot about Champlain navigability. I seem to think it is not passable between here and Montreal. If it were, it seems, ships would be passing, and they’re not.

  2. doodlegoat says:

    You’ve got it backwards. Lake Champlain flows out the Richelieu River, which joins the St. Lawrence and flows into the Atlantic. The size of boats which can float from Montreal to Burlington is limited by the Chambly Canal. See also an account of passage by a nineteenth-century-style canal schooner. You might remember I did a bit of construction on that vessel, and was on it as it sailed into St. Albans in 2006.

    • ken says:

      You know I have never gotten over my childhood conviction that all rivers flow southward. Despite some fairly prominent exceptions, like the Nile. Anyway, point is, you CAN get there by boat. The canal link is great, thank you.

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