Two Guitarists and a Microphone

And a lot of special guests. Bob Jones and Boo Reiners, otherwise known as the Plunk Brothers, had a CD release party at Jalopy last night. Their first set consisted entirely of songs from their brand new CD, Two Guitarists and a Microphone, which is not available online yet but hopefully will be soon. It’s 40 minutes of wonderful guitar duets and harmony singing. Their live shows are a joy to watch and that spirit comes through on the recording.

In the second set they invited a series of guest stars up to play with them, including singer Jen Larson who frequently shares a stage with them, and also Trip Henderson, Ben Fraker, Elena Skye, the Sheriff of Good Times, and me. It was great fun and a great honor to play with them and a wonderful night overall.

Boo is a well-known country guitarist who’s played with Opry stars and won Grammies, and along with his partner Elena Skye runs the Demolition String Band, a great NYC roots outfit. Bob was a founding member of the Wretched Refuse String Band and an original member of the Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra, and repairs/restores guitars for most of the East Coast’s bluegrass/old-time musicians.

They play fairly often in Brooklyn, so keep an eye out for them.

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