Lights! Camera! Books! Records! CDs!

A couple of guys from Gothic Cabinet Craft spent most of the morning in my apartment installing a new set of custom-made book / CD / LP shelves. I have had a great deal of trouble finding shelves that will hold “mixed media” but do not have a spot for a television, so I went to Gothic in November, planned this out, and it was delivered today.

Yesterday mary_wroth helped me clear out all the old shelves and move them around, and I spent this afternoon and evening loading up the new ones. Lots of space! Room for everything! Lights! They are flush to the wall and bolted in, so they’re almost built-in, and quite well made. Lots of cutouts for speaker wire and the like, and all the power cords and transformers and other ugly nonsense go in the little cabinet under the stereo.

This album shows the evolution of my living room since I moved into this apartment in 1995.

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