iPhoto 08: Beware

Apple made (and did not announce or document) changes to the export API in the new version of iPhoto. These disable every third-party plugin, including exporters for Flickr, LJ, Facebook, etc. So don’t install it unless all you want to do is look at your photos on your computer.

It’s got some cool organizational features (and some really stupid interface errors) but it’s not worth it by a long shot. 🙁 And in Apple’s ongoing efforts to out-Microsoft Microsoft, the program is called “iPhoto 08” and is part of “iLife 08” but is actually iPhoto 7.


EDIT: ConnectedFlow has released an updated version of the Flickr exporter. You must remove all previous versions of the plugin before installing it, and you’re best off removing all third-party plugins because if iPhoto doesn’t like one of them, it just refuses to do anything at all when you choose File/Export.

To remove plugins:
– Go to Applications
– Right-click iPhoto
– Choose “Show Package Contents”
– Open Contents/Plugins
– delete FlickrExport.iPhotoEx and any other third-party plugins


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