A walk by the water

Seal Of the City of New York
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After seeing The Bourne Supremacy with bobhowe and eleanor and eating dinner at Southwest in the World Financial Center, which I can enjoy again now that I don’t have work lunches there twice a week, I walked down the Battery Park City promenade and took some photos with a new lens.

Shown here is the seal of the City of New York, one of several reliefs by the sculptor Paul Manship (who did the sculpture of Atlas at Rockefeller Center) rescued from the demolished New York Coliseum. Along with two companions (the New York State seal and the seal of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, which is to say, Robert Moses’ imperial seal), it’s mounted on the front of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel building, which was made famous (sans seals) as the headquarters of the Men In Black.

Complete photo set.

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  1. harrietbrown says:

    I love the seal of the State of New York – the Iroquois and the settler standing together. I get all weepy when I see it. Of course, it didn’t work out so well for the Iroquois.

    Where were you when you took the pictures? I know the globe of the WTC is in Battery Park, and the Battery Tunnel building is across the street, but other than that, I couldn’t place the rest of the pictures. The gazebo looked pretty.

  2. doodlegoat says:


    When I click on the link for how Sphere used to look, I get a most unexpected image.

    What do you have for stabilization?

    • ken says:

      Re: Oops

      Yeah, I fixed that on the crosspost but forgot about it in flickr. Thanks.

      The new lens I was using has built-in vibration reduction. Other than that, I was placing the camera on the railing of the walkway.

  3. narode says:

    Walk by the Water

    Really nice shots of the three seals, especially that of NYC. Enjoyed the whole set of photos of a path I’ve walked many times. The insect-strung strands of spider web gracing the street lamp is a neat touch of whimsy.

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