A few weeks’ worth of photos

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos here; my flickr photostream is probably a better way to keep up with them. But here’s a selection from the last few weeks.

Celebrate Brooklyn had a Canada Day show including The Stills and the Sam Roberts Band. Great playing, great songwriting, great shows, great night.

Complete photo set.

This past Sunday was a bike ride to Coney Island, hot but great fun. But sadly this may be the last year before the developers start ruining it. I’d never really noticed this building before but there’s a beautiful old abandoned restaurant with some amazing frescoes.

Complete photo set.

And Monday night I went by the Parkside Lounge to catch a friend I’ve played with in Fresh Baked, Melody Allegra Berger, followed by the wonderful Roulette Sisters.

Complete photo set.

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