Florida Trip

I always have mixed feelings about going to conferences in beautiful places, since you spend most of your time sitting indoors under fluorescent lighting and may as well be in New Jersey. But Florida fortunately wasn’t all work; the highlight was being six feet away from a bald eagle.

These were taken at the Boyd Hill Preserve in St. Petersburg. All the birds of prey in the aviary are injured in one way or another, and could not survive in the wild. The eagle, for instance, lost many of his flight feathers to a snakebite when young.

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10 Responses to Florida Trip

  1. brasskitten says:

    Owls and herons and dragonflies, oh my!

    Some really fantastic photos there. Hard to pick a favourite.

  2. harrietbrown says:

    What was the metal animal? It looked like a rhino or an armadillo, I don’t know which. Go ahead, make fun of me.

    Next to the metal animal, I liked the turtle best. He looked BIG.

  3. Yeah, what’s with the metal animal? What was its injury?

  4. narode says:

    Florida Trip

    Top-of-list favorite has to be the eagle, with his truly impressive beak and the arrangement of feathers which suggests a cape made of mail.

    Also loved the owl and the dragonfly.

    That robot armadillo looks like a fugitive from “The Terminator.”

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