The Last Night at the Roadhouse

I’m beginning to make a habit of closing down bars on Murray Street. In January 2005, Mike Skliar and I played the infamous Orange Bear (47 Murray St) the night it closed down — they were taking the bar apart during the last set — and last night with Saboteur Tiger I played the A&M Road House (57 Murray St), which will close its doors on Saturday. With signs saying “CASH ONLY!” and “LIMITED MENU” over the bar, a very short supply of beer (“How many Heinekens do you want? I have two left.”), and a funereal atmosphere, it was a strange night. My song “The End Of the Day” becomes more relevant all the time, not that there will be anywhere left to play it.

James Brennan tunes up before the show while Jimmy Foley sets up his drums.
Wonder where this neon sign will end up?
View from the stage.
This is what the Orange Bear looks like now.
The last old-school place on the block. But I don’t think they book bands featuring harmonica players.

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