The Sheriff Sessions

Sheriff Uncle BobThe Sheriff Sessions this year were a treat, with a wide range of music and tremendous performances. Organized by Sheriff Uncle Bob, the “Sheriff Of Good Times” who was one of the key figures in the resurgence of bluegrass/old-time/traditional country in New York City and harmonica player extraordinaire Trip Henderson, the Sessions are a showcase for American roots music.

Both nights were sold out, with the crowds so thick by the end of the night it was hard to get wait service at the tables in front. But the music was top-notch, with barely enough time to stop shaking your head at the brilliance of one act before the next one was tearing it up onstage. National acts like Chris Thile of Nickel Creek and the Infamous Stringdusters were playing alongside the folks we know and play with at local jams, really underscoring the level of musicianship in the NYC scene.

This year’s sessions were also dedicated to the spirit of Lou Giampetruzzi, a friend and mentor to many in the NYC scene. His wife Kate dedicated a gospel song to him each night of the Sessions, and along with singer Tone Johansen, I accompanied her, on harmonica.

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