Close Call

I took the B train in to see shunn read at KGB last night, and it looks like I just missed this mess. People on my train were wrinkling their noses at the strong smell of smoke, but thankfully, I made it to the reading rather than sitting for two hours on the bridge with no air-conditioning.

Bill’s reading was outstanding, but we left before Elizabeth Bear read, in order to find a place to sit and some food to eat.

Meanwhile, the TSA is examining facial expressions of passengers in line in order to find suspected terrorists. It’s a half-assed attempt to imitate the Israeli profiling system, but rather than using highly trained law-enforcement officers, they’re giving regular screeners a week’s worth of training and sending them out to look for suspicious facial expressions: anger, determination, and so on. Doesn’t everyone in an airport line have those expressions? I offer my own version of their ridiculous photo graphic:

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