Outside My Window

It’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I cleaned the windows of my apartment, and this morning I got up and pulled aside some of the ivy from a window in my living room, getting ready to do some cleaning, and exposed a bird’s nest with two eggs. The bird showed up a few minutes later (photos below the cut). She’s brown, not grey, doesn’t have the usual stripes, and is not as big as the pigeons you see on the street, so I’m not sure what she is. But she’s a great excuse to leave the windows dirty!

UPDATE: Sad to say, as of Tuesday morning, the bird, both eggs, and the nest are gone.

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  1. trash80 says:

    My bird knowledge is poor at best, but perhaps it could also be a type of dove?

    There’s a palm tree opposite my apartment balcony in the complex’s outdoor area where a family of lorikeets live. Sometimes the older couple will fly onto my balcony and sit around for a noisy parrot chit-chat. A couple of times they’ve landed on my windowsill and screeched happily away, much to my dissent as it was about 5:00 in the morning.

    There’s also this kingfisher kookaburra who flies around the area, once I caught him on my balcony attacking my mop. I think he/she must have thought they were worms or something, it was kind of funny to watch.

    I haven’t managed to catch any on camera yet, I just haven’t been fast enough to catch one of them in the act.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Ken, that’s a mourning dove (q.v.). -rna’s X

  3. Pigeons are doves, right? So…uh…I’m going to say it’s a DOVE!!

    I’ve seen birds with similar features- the smaller body and the round eyes-hanging around pigeons, but I don’t know what they are called, and the internet bird-watching sites are no help so far. I’ll post back if I get anything- in the meantime, enjoy your really pretty bird friend . 🙂

  4. You know, I’ve heard newborn babies wailing like a mourning dove.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist saying that. I think of that line every time I see one of these, and usually start singing it too, much to people’s annoyance.

    X is the anonymous reply poster, if his cryptic initials weren’t clear. (They were barely clear to me.)

    • ken says:

      She hasn’t made a sound, as far as I’ve heard. The only way a newborn baby would sound like that would be if it was heavily sedated.

      It took a second, but I did recognize him, and he looks to be right on the money. I never knew what they looked like.

      It’s very cool, but I have to keep the curtains half-closed so as not to spook her.

      • They certainly don’t sound like newborn babies wailing. But just the other day I remarked my wonder as to when the hell a crocodile had ever been ravaged in the corn, so I think that song really wins the mixed imagery award.

        Enjoy birdie.

  5. PS

    And happy International Migratory Bird Day. Though I have the feeling mourning dove’s aren’t migratory. So to hell with them. Let em get their own day.

    • ken says:

      Re: PS

      No, they’re migratory–see link above. They’re also monogamous, and both share the incubating, though I’ve only seen one (at a time).

      • narode says:

        Re: PS

        You can add to the data on mourning dove habitat “urban windowsills.” Sounds as if it could be challenging to distinguish male from female unless they appear together.

  6. shunn says:

    I was going to say mourning dove too. They don’t seem to be very bright about the places they choose to nest. There’s a pair of them nesting in the bush right in front of Andrew & Steph’s Astoria place. The nest is right at face level and in easy arm reach. Good thing I’m not an egg-stealer.

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