shunn seems to appreciate the humor in his spam more than I do, but I just got domain-spammed with an ad for the “ultimate online pharmaceutical,” with each message featuring a different name in the from line. I love them! What a crowd!

Alternative Q. Belled
Lowell F. Flimflam
Tarazed D. Fabulously
Chiropractic P. Fixates
Disappointingly H. Chaps
Father K. Vituperates
Nonresident H. Unromantic
Carrion B. Penitent
Baccalaureate J. Reiterates
Gangs S. Whipcord
Consortium O. Tenant
Treadles T. Mortgagee
Balded V. Gay
Pompadoured Q. Behalf
Twit B. Eye
Preservatives I. Reverends
Lurching T. She
Openness C. Joshed
Punctuation Q. Sculptors
Churlish V. Cheesy

Names like this would make poor old Preserved Fish look like a piker. The last one on the list sounds like a lawsuit, perhaps Brad Pitt suing a gossip magazine.

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