Overheard in email…

steelbrassnwood: Sometimes the attributions are as good as the quotes on Overheard In NY:

Because Mr. Cruise is Clearly Well Balanced
L. Ron Hubtard: Do you have stress?
Man: I live in New York, what the fuck do you think? “Do I have stress?” Fuck you.

bobhowe: The whole thing is hysterical. When shunn and I were leaving Boston there was a Dianetics table set up in South Station. I’d like to test THEIR stress levels.
steelbrassnwood: A few months ago a friend and I were walking through Times Square, past those idiots, and I just gave them the finger as I walked by. She was a few steps behind me and the Hubtard said, “Now *there’s* some stress!”
bobhowe: Well, I’d say his diagnostic skills are pretty good. : )
steelbrassnwood: Oh fuck him and the UFO he rode in on. (I have no idea what you mean.)

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