Mike Skliar and I have finally scheduled our first New York City gig since March. We’ll be playing on the Upper West Side, at the Underground Lounge. Mike started playing there years ago, but this is the first time we’ll play there as a duo. It’s a friendly bar, with some food as well, on the corner where Broadway meets West End Avenue. It started as a coffee house in the late 90’s, and now features music and comedy events every night. It also has a (small) outdoor terrace, so its one of the few places in Manhattan where you can drink and smoke. We will be playing in the back room and there’s no cover charge. Complete details are on the shows page.

We’ll both have new songs making their debuts (or, in some cases, their NYC debuts) and there’s a new song available for download on our web sites: Blackberry Blossom, a traditional fiddle tune. Other new songs are on the way, and some new posts are in the offing as well, but the weather right now is too nice to stay inside and update my journal or work on recording.

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