Toronto Notes, and the Squid Song

TORONTO, Ontario, April 21 — Just got to Toronto, and had to get a bunch of stuff done for work (on which I am obviously procrastinating) but one thing strikes you the moment you walk out the door of your hotel room. The so-called “national newspaper” that’s dropped by default outside your door in the United States is the execrable USA Today*, with its dumbed down coverage and pretty-vacant graphics. (Although, USA Today did have “Benedict XVI” on the front page yesterday, rather than the “Benedict the 16th” on the front of the Daily News that justifiably outraged silvertide yesterday.)

In Canada, the newspaper you trip over outside your hotel room door is The Globe and Mail. Today’s paper had an article quoting several of the liberal theologians who’d suffered at the hands of the current pope when he was the past pope’s Karl Rove. Boff (quoted secondhand via an Argentine radio interview) called Benedict nee Ratzinger a “hard man with no compassion.”

In other notes, I don’t imagine many of you are planning to stop by the Renaissance Cafe for our gig tomorrow night, but in the meantime you can download another new song: “Cloud Of Ink” is now on the web site.

*I admit that I’m biased, but a better candidate for national newspaper would be The Wall Street Journal, which is not willing to discount as sharply as USA Today does to get distributed in hotels.

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