Gig Cancelled, New Song

In case anyone was planning a trip to Red Hook next week, the Second Saturday at Sunny’s with Kate and Lou has been cancelled for this month. Hopefully we’ll be back in May.

However, as promised, I’ve got a new song available for download on the web site: “Stupid Is the New Smart,” an addition to what I realize is a growing corpus of sarcastic songs. And I’ve gotten started on recording “Cloud Of Ink,” which I hope to have finished before we leave for Toronto.

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3 Responses to Gig Cancelled, New Song

  1. rosefox says:

    Where do you record?

    • ken says:

      At home. I have a ProTools setup — not a real studio, just in a corner of my bedroom. I invested in some good microphones and some basic outboard gear, and it works pretty well. Mike and I actually did most of this song via email — I sent him the basic tracks, he sent back his dobro/bass/guitar parts, and then I mixed it and finished it.

  2. rosiebird says:

    what are you going to toronto for?

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