[Wolf Whistle]

Hope the opening, ahem, came off well.

This was a sign on a storefront on the main street of Amherst, MA, where rednoodlealien and I saw Bob Dylan on Saturday night. It was a good show, although I much prefer the acoustic shows he was doing a few years ago. This was full-bore rock&roll, with Dylan playing piano the whole night, and doing only his own songs — none of the blues and country covers he was doing for a while. He was unusually talkative although his vocals were mostly spit out and bitten off; he plays piano standing up but keeps his microphone at roughly sitting height, so he has to lean over to sing, and every line is therefore an effort to deliver. Sometimes very effective, sometimes not. But he did do “Every Grain of Sand” which I was thrilled to hear live. Otherwise, the best half of the show was from his latest album, which is encouraging.

Amherst was enjoyable enough, once we figured out the route from the campus to downtown. Even the train made a U-turn; between Springfield and Hartford, they pull the train into a disused station and reverse direction (the train has an engine at both ends). I cannot comprehend why this should be necessary and the Vermonter’s description on Amtrak’s site does not even mention it.

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