Ooh, Pick Meme

My journal is called Riffs and Licks because it refers to both my musical and conversational styles, and because it’s somewhat suggestive.
My subtitle is nonexistent because it seemed superfluous.
My friends page is called Ken’s Friends because I never bothered to change it.
My username is steelbrassnwood because guitar strings are steel, harmonica reeds are brass, and both instruments are made (usually) out of wood. steelbrassplasticivorynickelteflonebonyovankolpearwoodandelectronics was too long.
My default userpic is a customized Marine Band harmonica resting on the strings of my Taylor 414 guitar because balancing the guitar on the harmonica was too difficult.

Via silvertide via curmudgeon via roadnotes.

My journal is called __________ because __________.
My subtitle is __________ because __________.
My friends page is called __________ because __________.
My username is __________ because __________.
My default userpic is __________ because __________.

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