The Good Side Of NJ

South BrunswickI complain about New Jersey frequently, but the parts of it that have not yet been raped by developers can be beautiful. This is the intersection of New Road and Friendship Road in South Brunswick Township.

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4 Responses to The Good Side Of NJ

  1. couscous1021 says:

    Nice Color!

    Looks great. What’s that commute like? It seems hellish- and I’m from Queens, the two-fare borough.

    • ken says:

      Re: Nice Color!

      It is indeed hellish — 90 minutes by car, two hours on the train. I prefer the train since I can read, but I got up too late this morning.

      • couscous1021 says:

        Re: Nice Color!

        Hmmm…you woke up late this morning and still appreciated the sights during a rushed drive? What a great way to start the day.

        Autumn is such a fantastic season. I’m always reminded of how grateful I’m supposed to be for this time of year when i see trees beyond those on my block. Plus, I love photos. Thanks for taking it, and when running late, no less!

        • ken says:

          Re: Nice Color!

          Fall is my favorite, for sure. And I have to be honest — I wasn’t rushing. Having driven, I had plenty of time. I try never to be rushing anywhere behind the wheel of a car, it’s just too dangerous and speeding tickets are EXPENSIVE.

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