Bush’s Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry

The Lone Star Iconoclast, a weekly based in Crawford, Texas, has endorsed John Kerry for president in a scathing editorial, concluding, “The Iconoclast urges Texans not to rate the candidate by his hometown or even his political party, but instead by where he intends to take the country.”

It’s garnered lots of attention for the paper, but as San Antonio Express columnist Robert Rivard points out,,

Advertisers are disappearing like flushed quail, and the owner of the Crawford Coffee Station, where the president likes to order the cheeseburger, won’t allow Smith to fill his newspaper rack. …

The Iconoclast could very well be the first and only newspaper in U.S. history to fold in the wake of protests over its presidential endorsement. Given the weekly’s short life — it was founded in 2000 — the Iconoclast might be the state’s first one-term newspaper. Come to think of it, the start-up might be the only newspaper ever to spurn a hometown candidate in favor of the challenger.

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