Now that Dennis Hastert thinks it’s a cool place to go, isn’t it time that all decent New Yorkers gave up on McSorley’s? Between the lines, the crowds, and the drunken tourists, it’s certainly no longer the Wonderful Saloon of Joseph Mitchell’s time. And now we see that the staff doesn’t even have the guts to throw a pig like Hastert into the gutter where he belongs.

But at least the photo is pretty amusing. Neither of the sorry fools can draw a decent pint, but at least Hastert looks like he’s getting into the McSorley’s spirit — which is to say, shitfaced. Pataki, meanwhile, seems to think he’s still onstage at the Madison Garden of Squares. In Mitchell’s day, both of these guys would have been rolled for their money and left in an alley somewhere.

Meanwhile, I spent last night at a good Irish bar: Rocky Sullivan’s, where Jello Biafra made a surprise appearance and closed out the evening with a 40-minute rant on Bush, corporatism and individual activism. Satire For Sanity is there every night this week.

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