For the Sour Dissonant Chattering Revue

Taking a page from ‘s book, a note to the two Ladies of a Certain age who are, as I write, raising their voices so their conversation will be audible over the sound of Emmylou Harris, Gillan Welch and Patty Griffin — The Sweet Harmony Travelling Revue — singing “To Know Him Is To Love Him” at Summerstage in Central Park. It’s hard to mar a beautiful night listening to music like this, but you’re managing. Where’s Zoot when you need her?

And good for Emmylou who asked the audience to sit down! “At my age I need to sit when I go to a show, no matter who it is.”

After the show — an outstanding evening, aside from the Chattering Classless. Wound up with a smoking version of “Six Days On the Road” that Gillian Welch said was dedicated to “the ten speeding tickets I’ve already gotten on this tour.” That, and Gillian playing a hot walking bass line (yes, electric bass) behind Buddy Merriam doing Willie Dixon’s “You Can’t Choose a Book By Its Cover.”

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