Witty, Vivacious Spawn of Satan

Given that she’s expressed a wish for Timothy McVeigh to have bombed the New York Times (a quote she stood by in later interviews), it’s hard to imagine how Ann Coulter could get any loopier. But this bizarre article might qualify.

The “news story” is about USA Today’s refusal to publish a barely coherent column about the Democratic (or, as she would have it, Spawn-Of-Satan) convention. So in this completely bizarre piece, she writes about herself:

Banned In Boston!
The Ann Coulter Column Too Hot for USA Today

by Ann Coulter
Posted Jul 26, 2004

Ann Coulter, the witty, vivacious HUMAN EVENTS columnist and best-selling author, was hired by USA Today to offer commentary about this week’s Democratic National Convention, but her first column was summarily rejected late last night.

At one point, she reveals that she agrees with herself:

In a sort of package deal, USA Today plans to have Michael Moore offer commentary at the Republican National Convention next month.”My guess is they will ‘get’ his humor” said Coulter. We agree.

We who, Ann? Those little voices in your head aren’t real.

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