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RIAA To Invade Iraq

According to today’s New York Times, soldiers in Iraq have “a communal computer where 12.8 gigabites of tunes had been downloaded for sharing on MP3’s. The rule was simple: Take some music, add some music.” This is clearly illegal file-sharing, … Continue reading

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Your President is on vacation…

…and the terrorists are working overtime. Bob Herbert mentioned this in his column this morning, but how much vacation exactly does a President get? Bush derides European socialists at every turn, but he seems to be represented by a German … Continue reading

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NYS Do Not Call Program

I registered my phone numbers with the New York State Do Not Call registry (which has since been merged into the federal list) when it was first set up, and a while later received a spurt of telemarketing calls. I … Continue reading

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More Adventures With Con Ed

Sunday morning, about 2am, in a friend’s car coming home from a jam. We’re waiting at a red light on Broadway and Grand, and we start hearing what sounded like fireworks, only not quite. It didn’t sound loud enough or … Continue reading

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