Your President is on vacation…

…and the terrorists are working overtime.

Bob Herbert mentioned this in his column this morning, but how much vacation exactly does a President get? Bush derides European socialists at every turn, but he seems to be represented by a German labor union. He gets at least six weeks of vacation a year, he seems to work a seven-hour day at best, and every time anything significant happens, he’s out where the buses don’t run.

The WSJ said today that

Intelligence officials presented [the infamous briefing paper], “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States,” to Mr. Bush on Aug. 6, 2001, while he was vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

No wonder he ignored it. He’s got his boots up on the rail with a beer in one hand, and those annoying nerds are calling from Washington again. Screw ’em!

Thanks to his incompetence, troops in Iraq who thought they’d be coming home soon now have to stay even longer, but Bush can’t even get his sorry ass back to his desk in Washington. As Herbert said, “Mr. President, there’s a war on. You might consider hopping a plane to Washington.”

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