I’m Sick All Right

The Victoria’s Secret commercial featuring Bob Dylan is just silly. Clearly the ad was much less important than the press coverage it generated. The model looks ridiculous in her pasted-on angel wings, Dylan looks like a demented lecher, and for some reason it’s set to the tune Love Sick, not the first song you’d associate with intimate apparel. Why not use Wiggle Wiggle?

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  1. ken says:

    “Who Took My Bra?”

    Someone posted this story to the Richard Thompson mailing list:

    “”I saw Dylan at the 9:30 Club a few years back. I was lucky enough
    to be right in front of the stage. When Dylan finished his last set, a
    woman standing behind me threw her bra to him—she acted like it was
    the most casual thing in the world—and it landed onstage.

    “‘The band left, then came back for an encore. At that point, the
    stage crew had cleared the stage of items thrown to Dylan, including the
    bra. When Dylan came back onstage, he looked down at those of us in
    front and said, ‘Who took my bra?’

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