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NYC Journalism

Well, in the aftermath of the Post’s exclusive coverage of Kerry’s VP choice yesterday (see the Daily News’ chortling about the gaffe; the Times also reported that News reporters sent a bottle of Australian wine to the Post along with … Continue reading

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The Great Arnorio

Richard Thompson, the British virtuouso guitarist and songwriter, now lives in Los Angeles and coaches his kids’ soccer team. Also on the team is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son. Now, one must take anything Richard says with a grain or two of … Continue reading

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Meaningless Responsible Criticism

The composer, author, and critic Ned Rorem wrote a letter to the New York Times book review, protesting a review of Christopher Ricks’s bookDylan’s Visions of Sin, a portentious 500+ page analysis of Dylan’s lyrics. Rorem wrote, in part, As … Continue reading

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